Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is a really cool story

ESPN - High school teammates honor gravely ill classmate - ESPN
It was halftime at the Lake Fenton-Mount Morris game, seemingly just another high school football contest during another homecoming week on another October Friday night in another American suburb.

But this time the fix was in.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Doris Lessig: "unthinking and automatic rubbishing of men"

Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search
The novelist Doris Lessing yesterday claimed that men were the new silent victims in the sex war, "continually demeaned and insulted" by women without a whimper of protest.

Lessing, who became a feminist icon with the books The Grass is Singing and The Golden Notebook, said a "lazy and insidious" culture had taken hold within feminism that revelled in flailing men.

Young boys were being weighed down with guilt about the crimes of their sex, she told the Edinburgh book festival, while energy which could be used to get proper child care was being dissipated in the pointless humiliation of men.

"I find myself increasingly shocked at the unthinking and automatic rubbishing of men which is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed," the 81-year-old Persian-born writer said yesterday.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The summer my son graduated from High School, we went on a car trip. We hit a Cubs game at Wrigley and a CArdinals game in St. Louis. This camera phone pic is from Wrigley Field on a bright sunny day. It was a great trip.
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Saw this at my local Holiday gas station. They installed the TVs in the last couple of weeks. All the others pumps were working fine except this one. I mentioned it to the manager and he rolled his eyes and said "I know, thanks."
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Software Engineering vs. Computer Science

I have always felt that Computer Scientists need to come up with the new theories needed for the Software Engineers to implement in the real world. Here is another example of what we need our Computer Science Departments to be doing. This is a different curriculum than what a Software Engineering program would be. The sooner the schools make this split the better.

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