Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A way to use labels in Gmail

Ask the Readers: How do you organize your Gmail? - Lifehacker

I keep three types of labels in Gmail: permanent/manual labels, permanent/filter-based labels and temporary labels. Each has certain naming conventions.

Permanent labels (underscore, all caps): Being an "eat your own dog food" type 'o girl, I keep my Gmail inbox empty using my previously-published Trusted Trio system of 3 buckets: Action, Archive and Hold. Since Gmail archive's built right in, the trusted Trio in Gmail is actually the Dependable Duo: _ACTION and _HOLD (since archived messages go out of sight anyway.) The underscore keeps these labels - the most important ones - at the top of the list, and the all caps is just for emphasis.

Filter-based labels (parens): I've also got a few longer-term labels for automatically shuttling messages out of my inbox: like tips email, mailing list messages, and unwanted messages that might very well be spam. I use parentheses to sort them below the "Dependable Duo."

Short-term labels (asterisk): Last, I keep a couple of short-term labels for current projects (like the Lifehacker book) sorted at the bottom of the list using an asterisk (like "*book.") These labels will be deleted at some point when I don't need them anymore.

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