Monday, March 05, 2007

Saving money by going to expensive stores...

So we are trying an experiment. So far: two months gone by successfully.

The Plan: spend less money by going to more expensive grocery and household stores. Or put another way: Save money by avoiding Target, Wal-Mart, Cub foods, Rainbow Foods, etc.

Why? Two reasons: 1) Impulse buys, along with 2) the "going to need it" problem. Impulse buys we all know about. We do pretty well avoiding the stuff at the register. But when you couple problem 2), there is a whole new class of impulse buys. End caps of things that you use once and a while, sales on things that you use, etc. We often buy way more than we expect when we go to these stores.

So we decided to try to avoid these stores. We go to places that cost more and spend less total dollars. We go to the local small grocery store (Kortes) and the corner Wallgreens. We spend less dollars (according to Quicken) and don't seem to be missing out on much.

Do we know if it will work long term? Nope. But it is an interesting experiment and puts us more in touch with our spending. And has us actually spending less per month which is really the bottom line.

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