Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Maybe we should just all kill ourselves...

Can't use nuclear, can't use coal, can't use wind, can't use hydroelectric (the fish, you know). And we (and everyone else on the planet) is incapable (or rather unwilling) to reduce the energy that we want in our lifestyle. Maybe we can find some grownups who realize that we have to do something and no solution is perfect. And if we don't do something, we will get dramatically higher energy bills (remember everyone who had their undies in a bundle last year about a relatively small increase in gas prices...this would be far worse) and/or rolling brown/black outs. Then we will hear the cries of why didn't we do something.

And remember that this lawsuit comes on the heels of the Kennedy clan(yes, THAT Kennedy clan) fighting against a wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod purely on aesthetic reasons.

Coalition sues Land Office over wind farms
The famed King Ranch and a coalition of environmental groups sued Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson in federal court Tuesday, seeking to require extensive environmental review and public comment on two planned wind power projects along the Gulf Coast in Kenedy County.

The coalition, the Coastal Habitat Alliance, also sued over the wind project in state District Court in Travis County. That suit claims that the state's Public Utility Commission illegally denied the alliance's request to participate in permit hearings for the wind project's transmission line.

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