Thursday, October 16, 2008

sometimes late at night

Sometimes, late at night, you are heading back from a late meeting or a movie or something, you stop at a SuperAmerica or some other quick stop kind of place. You go in looking for a particular snack, say Mallo Cups. And they don't have any. Do you ever start wandering looking for something else to spend your money on but you really don't find anything so you start looking at the other snacks and you notice the hot dog rolly thing that has several nasty looking hot dogs that have clearly been there all day and you quickly look away hoping to see something else and all the while you feel the Krispy Kreme donut case calling calling calling you but you resist and head for the corn nuts next and on the way you remember that you need aspirin for the car so you head over there and see the beef jerky in 40 different flavors and you pause, thinking hmmm maybe, and then you realize you are thirsty and you end up spending at least $15 in the store? Me neither...

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