Thursday, December 04, 2008

CIO - SOA What? Why You Need SOA Governance Framework

CIO - SOA What? Why You Need SOA Governance Framework:

"Without an established governance plan and policy, the original author and
support organization may not even know this 'use' of their software is
happening. This can lead to a lawless environment where: 1.) Increased volume
may cause a jump in users from hundreds to thousands overnight. Servers or
networks being used for this process may not be able to handle the load; 2)
Contrarily a service is created but 'no one comes' to re-use it because there is
no established procedure about how to communicate service availability within
the enterprise; 3) Finally, it is easy for a developer to read a service
definition and create a sample request message in minutes. In a SOA world, the
data travels on the wire in the clear and even has tags identifying each and
every data element. Ease of access to SOA services raises an important issue of
security policies and SOA governance.

So without a well-thought out governance plan SOA can seem like the lawless Wild, Wild West."

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